jeudi 19 mars 2009

super récup'

Et hop, 1 an de plus aujourd'hui!!!

J'aurais pu faire grise mine... mais non! mes amours m'ont bien gâtée... et puis je suis tombée sur cette jolie trouvaille, alors je ne me suis pas gênée pour me l'offrir!

Impossible, après l'avoir feuilleté, de tomber dans la mélancolie !!! Me voici avec une tête remplie de bonnes idées brico - récup et surtout des envies de couleur partout dans la maison!!! Finalement c'est cool de fêter 41 ans ;)

samedi 7 mars 2009


I feel like doing these letters in my son's bedroom for a long time .

It was very fun to do and i like the result... but I think my son doesn't like it very much : he asked me when he could remove them... Do you think it's very important he likes it? ;)

vendredi 6 mars 2009

Nearly spring?

After a rainy week, here's what I saw this afternoon in the garden...

It seems like spring is coming soon... We are waiting for it so much!!!

Another march pink challenge? ;)

mercredi 4 mars 2009

february pink challenge... in march :)

Hello! Here am I again after more than a month of... nothing! I sewed, knitted and cooked a lot with my son... but I didn't blog... maybe I had to stop a little? maybe I was lazy too much ;) ...
But Mindi offered me a good reason to blog again with her new pink project!
Here are some pink details in my house:
This is my little moneybox... it's on my desk, and it's for future travels... but it's completly empty after our journey at London last holidays!

Some fabrics...

... and here's the one I prefer! It reminds me when my children were babies!

Some yarn for a baby girl blanket... I am a handmade blanket addict! I already made one for my daughter and I'm knitting one for my son too!

... my treasure box
Did I already mentionned i'm also a book addict? ;)