jeudi 19 mars 2009

super récup'

Et hop, 1 an de plus aujourd'hui!!!

J'aurais pu faire grise mine... mais non! mes amours m'ont bien gâtée... et puis je suis tombée sur cette jolie trouvaille, alors je ne me suis pas gênée pour me l'offrir!

Impossible, après l'avoir feuilleté, de tomber dans la mélancolie !!! Me voici avec une tête remplie de bonnes idées brico - récup et surtout des envies de couleur partout dans la maison!!! Finalement c'est cool de fêter 41 ans ;)

samedi 7 mars 2009


I feel like doing these letters in my son's bedroom for a long time .

It was very fun to do and i like the result... but I think my son doesn't like it very much : he asked me when he could remove them... Do you think it's very important he likes it? ;)

vendredi 6 mars 2009

Nearly spring?

After a rainy week, here's what I saw this afternoon in the garden...

It seems like spring is coming soon... We are waiting for it so much!!!

Another march pink challenge? ;)

mercredi 4 mars 2009

february pink challenge... in march :)

Hello! Here am I again after more than a month of... nothing! I sewed, knitted and cooked a lot with my son... but I didn't blog... maybe I had to stop a little? maybe I was lazy too much ;) ...
But Mindi offered me a good reason to blog again with her new pink project!
Here are some pink details in my house:
This is my little moneybox... it's on my desk, and it's for future travels... but it's completly empty after our journey at London last holidays!

Some fabrics...

... and here's the one I prefer! It reminds me when my children were babies!

Some yarn for a baby girl blanket... I am a handmade blanket addict! I already made one for my daughter and I'm knitting one for my son too!

... my treasure box
Did I already mentionned i'm also a book addict? ;)

mardi 20 janvier 2009

Blue challenge

I found on Mindi blog a funny challenge : to take a picture of blue things in your house.

It was cool because i had to look for blue little treasures, and I re-discovered few ones that I see everyday without really watching them ;)

This is the little Eskimo I offered to my son for his birth. It's always on his bed...

... a little message of love from my son, for a Mother Day...
... another one...

... the jewels hand made box
... a little jacket I'm knitting for a baby
... several craft books

... the sky this morning... almost blue ;)

... and fabric...

lundi 19 janvier 2009

A real passion

I have a real passion : I love to see people's desk and office ... I like to see how and where they create...
Sometimes, family life obliges to imagine solutions for finding some place to work or craft... (like the kitchen table)

This week-end, I saw the Ali Edwards' one on her blog : fantastic! But, you know, AE is AE!!!

This one is my little paradise! And on the desk, you can see my present project :

It's a mini album about the first school years of my daughter. It's funny to re-discover old photos where she was 4 years old (she's now 15 !!!)

And you, how is your office or desk or little paradise ?

dimanche 18 janvier 2009


This post is a strange test : I'm trying to write my blog in english! I'm loving a lot of US blogs or blogs written in english and it's not easy to communicate when you're french! But you know what : it will be very difficult for me because I only learnt this language at school and it was a long time ago!

This week-end was very quiet : picking olive groves in our garden. We hope to have enough for making 1 liter of our own oil at least!

backing... the "tarte tatin" is a typically delightful french cake... with apples and caramel...

but i can't show you what it looks like because it was eaten too fast ;)

...and scraping for my daughter! it's the same mini album that I made for my son. This album is very simple because I tried to do it quickly, just to remember the best moments and the places she prefered.

Hope you had a good week-end and, please, be patient about my poor english ;)

dimanche 4 janvier 2009

1ère création de l'année

Il paraît que les vacances se terminent demain :(
Allons, il ne faut pas se laisser aller... un peu de scrap pour garder le parfum des vacances le plus longtemps possible!

Voici un aperçu du petit album scrap que j'ai fait pour mon fils, souvenir de nos 4 jours fantastiques passés à Londres...

J'ai utilisé une carte postale achetée sur place... et non envoyée (comme très souvent!) pour faire la couverture

Le petit déjeuner était excellent, spécialement le chocolat chaud...
J'ai récapitulé, jour par jour, les principales ballades

Il y avait bien sûr les incontournables...

Ici, une page de journal chinois, trouvé dans le quartier de Chinatown, me sert de fond... ambiance ambiance

Et voici la page qui plaît le plus à mon fils : puisqu'il y est à la fois question d'Harry Potter... et de livres sterlings! La présentation est très simple, mon but était de réaliser ce petit album assez rapidement... Je viens d'ailleurs de commencer l'équivalent pour ma fille!

Bon courage pour demain!

jeudi 1 janvier 2009

Bonne année et... thank you Lisa!

J'espère que vous avez passé de bonnes fêtes de fin d'année.

Je vous souhaite une bonne et heureuse année 2009, près des gens que vous aimez, avec une bonne santé et surtout des moments merveilleux à partager...

Pour ma part, j'ai bien fini et commencé l'année, entourrée par ceux que j'aime, famille et amis...

J'ai également reçu un véritable trésor pour pour scraper de la part de Lisa de darlinglisa

Dear Lisa
I really want to thank you : I received yesterday a big green envelope : it was like Christmas after Christmas :) And I discovered a real treasure when I opened it! In fact, you share your creativity with people on your blog... and also lovable goodies !!! I'm sure I will do good job with that!

Thanks again and I especially want to wish you a very happy scrapy and crafty new year !
Best wishes for you and your family and, please, don't stop to share your inspiration and simplicity with us!