dimanche 18 janvier 2009


This post is a strange test : I'm trying to write my blog in english! I'm loving a lot of US blogs or blogs written in english and it's not easy to communicate when you're french! But you know what : it will be very difficult for me because I only learnt this language at school and it was a long time ago!

This week-end was very quiet : picking olive groves in our garden. We hope to have enough for making 1 liter of our own oil at least!

backing... the "tarte tatin" is a typically delightful french cake... with apples and caramel...

but i can't show you what it looks like because it was eaten too fast ;)

...and scraping for my daughter! it's the same mini album that I made for my son. This album is very simple because I tried to do it quickly, just to remember the best moments and the places she prefered.

Hope you had a good week-end and, please, be patient about my poor english ;)

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