mercredi 4 mars 2009

february pink challenge... in march :)

Hello! Here am I again after more than a month of... nothing! I sewed, knitted and cooked a lot with my son... but I didn't blog... maybe I had to stop a little? maybe I was lazy too much ;) ...
But Mindi offered me a good reason to blog again with her new pink project!
Here are some pink details in my house:
This is my little moneybox... it's on my desk, and it's for future travels... but it's completly empty after our journey at London last holidays!

Some fabrics...

... and here's the one I prefer! It reminds me when my children were babies!

Some yarn for a baby girl blanket... I am a handmade blanket addict! I already made one for my daughter and I'm knitting one for my son too!

... my treasure box
Did I already mentionned i'm also a book addict? ;)

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LiSa a dit…

Bonjour karine,
merci pour ton adorable petit mot laissé sur mon blog, ça me fait très plaisir et ça me permet de découvrir le tien! je continue ma visite...:)